Positivo Tecnologia facing the challenges arising from the new coronavirus | Know more

Positivo Tecnologia facing the challenges arising from the new coronavirus

Message from our CEO

Positivo Tecnologia, since the beginning of the crisis resulting from the new coronavirus, has been preparing itself to adapt to these new times. We have implemented Crisis Management Committees, in which, the most diverse instructions occur in a daily basis, so we can leave this crisis healthier and with a lot of key learnings. Our main goal is keeping the safety and health of our employees and partners.

About 90% of our entire administrative team is working from home. For those who remain at the offices and for our factory staff, we are following the strict instructions recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization), taking great care to avoid the new coronavirus. Our attention extends to all employees' family members and society as a whole.

This concern made us go beyond borders. Our company is implementing a series of initiatives to combat the effects of Covid-19 on people's health and on the Brazilian economy.

We are engaged in a project to manufacture 6,500 pulmonary ventilators in record time - a real contest to make them available to the Ministry of Health. And we also locate respirators abroad to be imported by other companies. We provide our best team in Brazil and Asia for this project. Every life matters.

In addition, we donate computers, phones and tablets to health institutions, philanthropic organizations, and families in poor communities. We provide schools with free access to our distance learning platforms for students to study at home. We also support the company Hi Technologies to increase the scale of production of Covid-19 fast tests.

Our desire to contribute to the country moves us to juggle to continue providing technical assistance to equipment under warranty. We know the importance of these devices in times of social isolation. We are aware of the relevance of technology, which further ennobles our purpose to make people's lives better and smarter.

To this end, we have done everything possible to minimize the effects of the pandemic on people, businesses, and society. We have supported social initiatives, changed internal processes, adapted routines and strengthened our call center, with each employee operating from homes, so customers can have a computer or a cell phone available.

We are working with full energy, with a lot of our capacity and creativity to overcome this difficult period and fulfill the role we chose to play at this moment. We hope that everyone will also be able to overcome this phase and leave it even stronger!

We are here, working from everywhere. Let us know if there is anythingelse we can do for you and for Brazil.

Count on Positivo Tecnologia!

Thank you,

Helio Bruck Rotenberg

President of Positivo Tecnologia

Design of pulmonary ventilators

In view of the international scarcity of lung ventilators due to high demand worldwide caused by the pandemic, the Brazilian industry has been moving to meet the national need. Our teams in Brazil, China and Taiwan mobilized themselves in a task force to save lives. They all endeavored to increase the production capacity of pulmonary ventilators of the company Magnamed in Brazil, a project which also had the collaboration of Suzano, Klabin, Flex, Fiat Chrysler, Embraer, and White Martins. Pulmonary ventilators are used in intensive care units for patients with severe symptoms of Covid-19. We are responsible for searching for suppliers in Asia, qualifying components, developing the electronic board, as well as negotiating terms and prices. We had the opportunity to facilitate the access to foreign motherboard manufacturers – this is a key component the operation of pulmonary ventilators. We also work to have access to the additional pieces, such as valves and transducers by finding alternatives to the original suppliers without availability in stock. The project aims to deliver 6,500 lung ventilators to the Ministry of Health in record time. Part of that goal has already been accomplished. More than 1,600 units have already been made available and, subsequently, distributed to hospitals throughout Brazil.

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•   Positivo Tecnologia donates 60 oxygen cylinders to public hospitals in Amazonas State, Brazil (Globo TV)

Other Positivo Tecnologia initiatives to help
tackle the consequences of Covid-19 in society:

  • Adherence to the Project "United for the Vaccine"

    Positivo Tecnologia joined the “United for Vaccine” to support the project's goal of immunizing all Brazilians against Covid-19 by September 2021.

    We facilitate the barriers of the vaccination process, such as the difficulty of municipal health departments in recording data due to insufficient information technology infrastructure.

  • Donation of Positivo computers to hospital in Curitiba (Brazil)

    We donate Positivo brand computers to the Hospital São Vicente. Founded in the city of Curitiba in 1939, the hospital increased the number of ICU (Intensive Care Unit) beds in its branch located in the district of Positivo Tecnologia plant and headquarters. The computers will be used in the ICU to monitor patient data as well a computerize the administrative processes.

  • Donation of oxygen cylinders to hospitals in Manaus

    We have joined efforts with society to minimize the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic in Amazonas State, Brazil. In solidarity with patients and family members with severe symptoms, we donated 60 oxygen cylinders to public health institutions in Manaus Metropolitan Area. Three hospitals received the cylinders: “Beneficiente Português”, “Universitário Getúlio Vargas”, and “General Hospital of Manacapuru”.

    Each cylinder has a capacity of 50 liters of oxygen. The first 20 units were delivered on January 21 to the Getúlio Vargas University Hospital. The other 40 cylinders were already bought by Positivo Tecnologia. They will be sent to other public health institutions in the city in mid-January.

  • Free access to distance learning platforms to enable e-learning of Portuguese and mathematics during the suspension of face-to-face classes.

  • Donation of notebooks to families from needy communities based on values resulting from the sale of computer equipment during the Campaign for Mothers of Brazil, of Positivo.

  • We prioritize service requests for repair of computer equipment in healthcare institutions. Our technicians went to the forefront of combating the new coronavirus in order to ensure that computers, cell phones and tablets from health institutions function properly during the pandemic. Our professionals are also committed to meeting requests from corporate customers regarding the maintenance of technology devices. In addition, we lend products as substitutes when customers find it difficult to deliver repaired or exchanged equipment due to restrictions on social circulation.

  • We extended the warranty period for our products and provided technical assistance to health institutions. Thus, we can contribute to avoid the non-essential movement of customers during the recommendation of social isolation in case they need services from authorized stores for the maintenance of computers and cell phones within the warranty period.

  • We make contracts flexible for companies to rent notebooks during the recommendation of social distance. Our computer equipment rental unit, Positivo as a Service, understood the temporary need and made the minimum rental time flexible. Previously, the minimum contract period was for 36 months. During the pandemic, the period was reduced to three months. It also granted a three-month grace period for companies which chose contracts starting at 36 months. It is a way to contribute to enable more companies to maintain normal business, without compromising their financial cash due to the need to purchase computers for momentary use.

  • Supporting the restructuring of Hi Technologies, a company which performs digital tests to identify reactant antibodies to the new coronavirus. The collaboration made it possible to increase production capacity to 20 million tests per month.

We are aware of the challenges we are all facing to overcome the consequences of Covid-19. By implementing these initiatives, we also want to inspire new responsibilities and join forces to minimize the impacts of the new coronavirus, in addition to strengthening us as people, companies and society.