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Our style


POSITIVO TECNOLOGIA’s style is the reflection of its history, of the inspiration of its leaders; its achievements, and all its faced barriers. Vibrant and dynamic, its DNA is not conformist or resigned. In contrast, it is adaptable, and it can never lose its essence. It places itself in the consumers’ position to anticipate their experience proposing real and possible solutions to their needs. Without excess, without promises, with the commitment of those who know and respect them. Our way of being can be translated into 12 attitudes that guide us:

  • 1

    We were born in Brazil, we dare to create and develop a green-yellow brand in technology, we prove that we are able to lead, innovate and populate Brazilian homes;

  • 2

    An interesting opportunity arises and, if necessary, we reinvent ourselves to conquer it;

  • 3

    No barrier is as high as our speed and flexibility in overcoming it;

  • 4

    We like challenges and we run several at the same time;

  • 5

    We have strong roots. Our history and our ethics sustain our constant evolution;

  • 6

    We welcome ideas and catalyze brands and products thinking about the experience of who will use them;

  • 7

    We want to retain and attract people capable of transformation;

  • 8

    We cheer with the achievements, react to the adversities and we appreciate the attitudes;

  • 9

    We are proud to have enabled digital inclusion and improved the lives of many Brazilians, and we still want more;

  • 10

    Technology is a way to improve people's lives, but it is not the final destination;

  • 11

    We are large. Dynamism and versatility were not lost along the growth;

  • 12

    We always seek delivering beyond the expected. Perfection for us is not a detail.

Positivo Tecnologia facing the challenges arising from the new coronavirus

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Human Resources

Brands that advance, a company driven by people and for people. Fueled by determination, optimism, ethics and intense work of its professionals.

Culture and environment

We are people who think as people and our way of being, thinking and acting reflects that.
We guide and create opportunities for each employee's professional development.
We gain credibility and trust because each project is developed from the integration of professionals who work in synergy and harmony.
Because being Positivo is doing differently, achieving dreams, changing directions and moving forward.

Ethic, transparency and integrity

We are committed with the ethic and the integrity on POSITIVO TECNOLOGIA. Know about the values and ethic principles that guide on conduction of businesses of Positivo with its employees, clients, providers e comercial partners.
Click here and know more about the main Compliance Polices of POSITIVO TECNOLOGIA.


Did you know that only in Brazil there are generated more than 1,2 million tons of electronic waste per year?

Now imagine how much this number can decrease if together, we can recycle most part of these disposal devices which includes the main electronic products of our day to day?

That is why recycling is important to the environment and the future of our planet. Turning electronic waste into raw material to be reused, or turning it into a new product can definitely change our world in a positive way.

The recycling of an electronic material is more complex than we imagine. In each device there are hundreds of components, thousands of connections and dozens of materials of different manufacturing and compounds. Which means the work of separation and correct destination of each small component is huge. But Positivo is ready to do its part!


If you have a Positivo device which you no longer use, and you can use it for recycling, please contact us and we will receive your equipment and send it to our Sustainability Center. There is where everything happens!

In our Sustainability Center, our team will disassemble the device, discharging it and sending each component to our recyclers who, along with our team, will follow the necessary process to offer an appropriate environmental destination. You can check more information here: Meu Positivo


Positivo Tecnologia's sustainable mission is to produce devices that do not harm the environment, respect the local community and reduce the impact of its operation.

In our Environmental Policy, we are based on the philosophy of sustainable development, which includes compliance to the current environmental legislation, continuous improvement of its environmental performance and pollution prevention. We have established principles including procedures, standards and criteria regarding generation, packaging, storage, collection, transport, treatment and final disposal of waste.

In addition, our Environmental Management System is certified according to ISO 14001 Standard since the year 2000, reaffirming our commitment to the environment preservation and the quality of life of the community.

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